Giving the unlocked version of this phone 5 stars

The majority of the one stars came from either Greenpeacers protesting against Amazon (the company, not the phone) or people complaining about that the phone only works on AT&T, which is exactly as it was advertised.

Take out the Greenpeacers, misguided reviewers who slammed the phone because it is an AT&T-only product, and folks who for some reason think a company should not attempt to make money by making it easy to purchase content and services from the handset maker, and you have a solid four-star rating; and as an AT&T contract-required device, I'd agree with the 4 stars.

I'm not an AT&T customer so I kind of disregarded the AT&T Fire phone, but then I saw an unlocked device for $199, so I looked at the reviews of the AT&T version and almost dismissed the product because of the 2 1/2 stars rating, that is until I noticed that most of those reviews had nothing to do with the product.