Am sitting here thinking how many times have I been lamenting on problems, situations, hills and valleys....the list is endless. Okay, I know you have also gone through the same in your own way....we have diverse issues as how diverse we are.


Probably, I have shared my issues with you and you assisted me out but another issues come...Some of us are more secretive to ourselves and choose to "kufa kikondoo" It maybe a good way of solving the problems or not depending on the individual. Thank you friends whom you have always given an ear to our situations and gave your best to solve them. A problem shared is half dissolved, still some sediments will be seen....


Today, I have realized that we do read, sing, narrate words to God but we don't mean the words. Or lemme ask how many times have you heard the word, songs but you take them for granted or simply you ignore?? Ignorance is very expensive...


How many times you and I have heard or read Mathew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.? But we have chosen to take these word for granted and continue moving on with our worries and issues...


Cast your burdens unto Jesus for he cares for you..we sang, we are singing and we'll sing this song but we just sing because we are in service but do you really bother to cast your burdens to him? I am certain we just sing to contribute to the melody or probably you mean it.


I surrender all to you... Everything I give it to you... Withholding nothing....This song is very powerful. I can't tell how many times have I sang this song in services or wherever but I am still holding back a lot of my issues and weary.

I was singing this song this morning and realized I have to surrender all to Him, I shouldn't hold nothing for Him.

Luke 1:37 says "nothing is impossible for Him"


Ignorance is no defence and so as at now I have bore enough cost of which I can't continue paying cost of it.


My Bro/Siz, you may have fallen a victim of the same like I or not but wish to challenge you that let's take the word and be doers of the word. Separate yourself, set apart yourself from hearers and ACT. Sitting down and lamenting will not solve a problem.


I have mentioned above that, a problem sharee is half dissolved but a problem casted to/share with Jesus is fully dissolved. Take a step of FAITH now and give it all to Jesus, I may not know how much you are going through, how much are you holding for yourself but this time am calling you to surrender it ALL.