Unnecessary And Ineffective Foods To Stay Away During Arthritis

Arthritis is inflammation of bones and joints. It causes lot of pain and inflammation. It is basically a form of joint disorder. This includes inflammation of one or more joints. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis and the most common one is osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative joint disease and is a result of trauma to the joint, infection of the joint, or age.

There are symptoms like inability to use the hand or walk, morning stiffness, malaise and a feeling of tiredness, weight loss, poor sleep, muscle ache and pain, tenderness, difficulty moving the joint and restlessness. There is increased amount of muscle weakness, loss of flexibility and decreased aerobic fitness. There are several foods that should be avoided as they will worsen the situation. These foods should be avoided for the best results. It is advised only to follow natural and organic diet. This is healthy for the body. It should also be combined with proper exercise and good amount of sleep. This will help to fix the problem soon.

It is advised to avoid fried foods. Fried foods are caloric and they are high-fat foods like fried chicken, French fries, donuts, and deep-fried appetizers. They should be avoided by anyone who is suffering from arthritis. If these foods are eaten in excess then they increase body fat. This puts extra stress on the joints and amplifies the risk of wear and tear. It increases hormones and chemicals that actually increase levels of inflammation. There are hydrogenated oils used for frying foods that means this increases the risk of getting high dose of dangerous trans-fats. It is advised to pick healthy option instead of frying. It is one of the ineffective foods to avoid during arthritis. It is advised to choose a healthier way to prepare your foods; grilling, steaming, roasting, and baking are all tasty, waistline-friendly methods.

It is advised to avoid refined carbohydrates as they are dangerous for the body. They are toxic and increase the inflammation to a great extent. It is one of the ineffective foods to avoid during arthritis. These refined carbohydrates can be found in anything baked with white flour, such as white bread, rolls, crackers, and the most baked foods - as well as white rice and junky cereals. It is harmful as refined carbohydrates produce a state of inflammation in the body. This causes an increase in cytokines and other pro-inflammatory compounds. This makes arthritis worse. It is essential to switch to healthier whole-grain options: whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereal, whole-wheat pasta, and brown and wild rice should be staples on your weekly grocery shopping list.


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