Learn Ways To Combat Morning Sickness

Apples, melons, oranges, cucumber and tomatoes are some foods that you can try.

. Sip on juices, soups, milk shakes and herbal teas to replace the lost water.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

You need zofran lawsuit commercial to replenish the water you lose, especially if the nausea results in vomiting. When you have http://www.rxlist.com/zofran-side-effects-drug-center.htm fresh juices, soups etcetera, you can be assured of getting nutrients that you and the fetus developing inside you require.

If, however, you feel queasy with all that liquid, then switch to raw fruits and vegetables, with a high water content. Staying dehydrated is as crucial during pregnancy, as it is other times - ( water can prevent cramps, another common problem faced by pregnant women).

When you are feeling nauseous liquids can be a lot easier to get down than solid food