How to clean and maintain folding chairs?

Folding chairs have the advantages of portable and space saving, which are gradually becoming the most common things in training institutions, hospitals and restaurants. As a leisure folding chair supplier in China, here we can give you some suggestions on how to clean and maintain folding chairs.


First of all, let us get to the wooden folding chairs. If you are puzzled about the best cleaning ways, we recommend that you can place them in the environment with appropriate temperature and humidity in case of damage the natural color of the surface. Of course, you can use diluted neutral detergent to clean with warm water, and then wipe them with clean water. At the same time, you should remember to remove residues from water damage with a soft and dry cloth. After doing this, the next maintenance way is to polish wax. However, what deserves your attention is the daily cleaning and maintenance  in order to make folding chairs for leisure more newer and shinier. Secondly, we will talk about iron folding chairs. Periodical maintenance is of vital importance for this kind of products. A layer of dust would fall on the iron folding chairs as so much dust emissions from the outside, which will affect the color, resulting in the breakage of the protective film. Therefore, you should periodically wipe outdoor iron facilities with soft cotton. Moreover,  the surrounding moisture is also significant. If met with rainy day, you should timely wipe the drops after the rain has stopped.


As mention above, we know that folding chairs are not so easy to clean and maintain. In short, the maintenance ways should be noticed before you buy outdoor products, which determine that how longer you can keep it.