Shopping Spree Slot Machine

Shopping Spree Slot Machine

The time is here to relax, to have some fun and to strive for a shopping spree. In the event that you love shopping, collect your wallet and get ready to play.

Time for a Shopping Spree

Only at that exciting slot game, you are able to enjoy shopping with a difference. Shopping Spree is really a 5 reel, 9 payline slot game, driven by Realtime Gaming application. That exciting search also features a progressive jackpot prize.

There are a wide variety of position games out there that the interest will be to look for a concept that suits you. OKAY, girls, prepared to look until you fall? Perhaps you have been dreaming of the extravagant shopping spree in New York? Well, this could be your big chance.

At-the Shopping Spree game, if you manage to line up five band symbols on the line, you may then select from a $100,000 spending spree and the prize in Ny. Sounds beautiful? Well, prepare yourself for action and get ready to go shopping with this exciting position game.

What you need to-do at this game is to match up various shopping products on the same line. We discovered found it by browsing newspapers. The designs at Shopping Spree include make-up, fragrance, elegant sneakers and dollar signs, to get you into the buying mood. Dig up more on kalatu blogging network by going to our engaging website.

The Shopping Spree game features two possible bonus features. Obtaining three dollar sign representations in any position will get you a spread benefit. In this event, you might get a shopping bonus of up to the amount of 350 credits.

Shopping Spree Reward Game

Do not you just love bonuses? Shopping Spree also hosts a particular benefit game. While you're doing your research, if you find a way to spin three mystery grab bags, the Mystery Grab Bag bonus game is triggered by this. The bonus game shows another display in-which you should search behind the question marks to show levels of credits. These advantage credits are put into your credit volume until you learn the X. That particular advantage interest provides you with the chance of winning up to 4,000 breaks. Should you choose to dig up further on rate us online, we know of heaps of online resources you should think about investigating.

The present value of the progressive jackpot is found consistently during the game in the heart of the screen. After the progressive jackpot has been gained, the amount returns to $25,000 and then starts to boost again. Dig up supplementary information on our affiliated website - Click here: like us on facebook. Let us face it, also earning this beginning amount would allow rather a remarkable shopping spree!

One thing I must tell you is that it is very important to remember that you should 'guess max' in order to qualify to perform for the progressive jackpot.

Remember shopping can be fun, especially when you've the opportunity to win your own shopping spree!.