Outdoor fiber optic cable’s features

Sometimes we will think about the features about the outdoor fiber optic cables when we buy it from fiber optic manufacturer in china as different features will give different function for the product. Of course, there is another situation for those who don’t know about the product of outdoor fiber optic cable.


Generally speaking, every product will has its special function. Now, what the function of outdoor fiber optic cable? Outdoor fiber optic cables are the products made to protect the optical fiber to operate safely in complicated outdoor environment. Most outdoor fiber cables are loose buffer design, with the strengthen member in the middle of the whole cable, the loose tubes surround the central strength member. Inside the loose tube there is waterproof gel filled, whole cable materials used and gels inside cable between the different components (not only inside loose tube) will help make the whole cable resist of water. Nowadays, there are lots of people will buy it from fiber optic cable supplier for daily usage. There are some basic classifications of the outdoor fiber optic cable. Generally speaking, outdoor fiber optic cable types are GYTS, GYTA, GYXTW, GYTA53, GYTY53 and GYTC8S (also called Figure 8 cable) GYTS, GYTA and GYXTW outdoor fiber cables are used for aerial and duct applications, GYTA53 and GYTY53 are used for direct buried, GYTC8S the figure 8 outdoor fiber optic cable is used mainly for aerial. We supply various kinds outdoor use fiber cables including both armored type and not armored type; these cables are competitive on prices and fast delivery.


We should figure out its features and specifications when we get used to a product. This is the same thing for we buy this kind of product from fiber optic adaptor wholesale