An Introduction to Laurocapram Agrochemical Synergist

Agrochemical Synergist has no biological activity, but with some insecticides available, can greatly improve the category of pesticide toxicity and the efficacy of additives in General.

Mechanism of Agrochemical Synergist, primarily inhibiting or reducing target (pests, weeds, bugs, etc) for pesticide activity of anti-drug detoxification effects, delay the metabolic rates of pharmacy within the control object, thereby increasing bio-control effect. Increased effect agent itself and no activity, but and corresponding of pesticide mixed unavailable, can obviously improved its wetting, and exhibition cloth, and dispersed, and stranded and penetration performance, reduced spray liquid with wind (airflow) drift, prevent or reduce on adjacent sensitive crop, of damage, conducive to liquid in foliar spreading and the adhesion, and reduced UV on pesticide preparations in the effective components of decomposition, reached extended efficacy validity, improve its bio activity, reduced dosage, reduced cost, protection ecological environment of purposes. Good booster not only many times over, dozens of times increased the efficacy of pesticides, Agrochemical Synergist can also slow the resistance, prolong the lifetime of hard varieties of pesticide.

Agrochemical Synergist basic composition for silicone ethoxylate compounds, low surface tension, good show, permeability and emulsion dispersion, is a new type of highly effective pesticide additives. Easily soluble in methanol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, xylene and dichloromethane, are dispersed in water, can be used as additive, Activator spray conditioner, foliar absorption.

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