Review Of Adelitas Bar In Tijuana

Review of Adelitas Bar in Tijuana

I get into Adelitas. Lights are strumming orbs, it has been six months since i been back. The women are hot as always, specifically after 8pm. I notice a spectacular little petite Mexican Girl. I notice all the other girls are in hot little nighclub attire. She is in this girl next door jeans and plaid skirt shirt combination. However i can tell her body is sizzling hot underneath.

I ask her to take a seat and purchase her a drink. I gotta check my merchandise. We fluff talk a little. The girl begins massaging my best pants and I slap her hand. I'm a virgin i say. She laughs and continues to attempt to excite me more. I begin feeling her shirt and rubbing her bosom. She is warm and gorgeous and I am falling in love. As I rub her and she rubs me I mention therapeutic massage. She says she is good at that. I can't take it no longer, we head up stairs.

The second were in the dark, she sets down her handbag. I'm all over her. I start rubbing my jeans on her and grabbing all over her sweet physique. She begins quietly purring. I run my hand down her skirts. I'm so horny I cannot help myself. I bite her dress shirt and start peeling away the layers. Her body is even better then I thought. It's so smooth as I work my palm down to her crotch. I grip her Jeans and rip them away. She acts timid a bit as I see her white thong.

I grab her and toss her into the bed. She bounces like a kitten as I get on top of her. She yanks off my pants. I'm down to my hard on and my silk undies as I rub her. She rubs my balls and gets on top of me. She puts her hand on my mouth. Shhh. She applies the condom on my cock. She works with my dick. Licking only the dick. She knows I desire to shag her hard. She knows I need her, she knows i need her. She starts giving me a seductive blowjob lookint at my me teh whole time. I hold her forearms.

At one point the pleasure is too high. She stops and I seize her. I push her against the mirror and start banging her in the back. She moans. I go slow at first but she keeps coaxing me. Mi Amor! Mi Amor!

Ii'm on top of her now and banging her just like a jack hammer. Faster and faster and faster. Her body is sparkling with my perspiration. I lay down, I'm exhausted. She gets on top of me. She gets in a 69 position. I rub my body all over her naked lithe body. She provides me with another blowjob. I grab her head and push her down. I ripp off the condoms and ejaculate. Some of it hits her face. We lay and hug a little. After a while she gets on top of the sink and washes her pussy out. Even in that position she looks like a angel to me. Or maybe I'm simply just fucked up. I offer her $60 and tip her. We chit chat a bit. I discover she is a salsa dancer and so am I we I dance with her a bit. She laughs. I leave having a excellent expereince.

Rating: 7/10

Summary: Great value for price. When you just need a good hot bone with good value this is the top place to go. If you need a massage or longer time you might have to go somewhere else. This place is for raw boning.

I head back home. I find tacos. Good day!

By: Brad Wolftzer

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