Dar Al Ber Sponsored Umrah

Performing Umrah and visiting the Makah is every Muslims wish. While many visit Makah and perform hajj on the annual basis there are many others who cannot afford to travel abroad and visit the holy Kabah.


The wish to visit city of Makah and perform Umrah is about to come true for lucky workers of dar al ber society. The society is sponsoring 150 workers who are poor and who cannot afford expenses to travel, visit and perform Umrah to give them a chance to full fill their wish.

This is not the first time they are doing it. Infect it is fifth turn for event which is running under the name of lifetime Umrah whose sole purpose is to fund and sponsor needy and poor workers of society. Like always this scheme will be sponsored by money of zakat, usher and help provided from members of dar al ber society. The society does this every year now. The scheme lifetime Umrah is also promoted on a radio show to increase awareness so that more needy people can take part in it and get benefited from scheme. The radio show is heaven’s gate radio show. They are using whatever means necessary to promote this noble project, to reach poor and setting some good trends as well. Instead of giving small amounts to random people using money of zakat and other causes collectively to sponsor Umrah trips for needy zaireen is really noble. It will mean a lifetime opportunity for them. They have many attractive Umrah Packages for poor and needy persons.

 Let’s hope other societies and areas also follow in their footsteps and give poor workers a chance to visit Makah and perform Umrah. After all, the biggest wish of every Muslim is to see holy Kabah and offer prayer in Makah.