High Voltage Transistor - FZ800R12KF1 IGBT Inverter for Welding Machines

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Increase the power of your welding machines with Infineon FZ800R12KF1. This IGBT transistor module is proven to boost the performance of different applications. With an emitted power of 800A or 1200V, FZ800R12KF1 can let welding machines attain optimal electric performance. Weight is also not a problem as it is only 2.20 lbs.


With a square RBSOA and low saturation voltage, FZ800R12KF1 current rating will never degenerate even on a higher voltage. It also has improved FWD characteristic and reduced total power dissipation to generate additional supply of energy to your welding machines. Power level is also enhanced due to the device minimized internal stray inductance.


FZ800R12KF1 also works best on other applications like contactless switches, DC and AC motor controls and even to light dimmers.


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