Proud to say I love thee

No more fear can stop me

So what the world doesn't like me

But I say that I love thee.


I'm a stupid,

Don't know the meaning

What's the beginning?

How to make the love?

Is there any ending?

Not even the feeling.


The love laughs at me

Every time it mocks saying-

Thee will never get me

Thou ability is nothing.


I fixed the eyes & asked- 

Do I need ability?

Do thee look for that?

Isn't the heart enough to welcome thee?

Mind enough to respect thou charm?

Care enough to protect?


Why don't thee talk to me?

Say am i wrong?

Why thou eye see the ground?


Don't worry will gain thee

Because I love thee.  

                      4 January 2014 at 19:40 Indrani Kuri