The production process of LED stripe light (2)

In the previous article, China LED stripe light supplier has mentioned three processes in the production of LED stripe light. In the following, other three procedures would be introduced in detail.


The fourth process is re-flow soldering. You should notice that the re-fluxing temperature must be controlled well. If the temperature is too low, it will be difficult to melt solder and cold welding will be arouse; otherwise, FPC will blister easily. Moreover, the preheating temperature should be in an appropriate scale. The next process is to inspect the finished product. Here you need to check the appearance of the product, to see whether the weld is good or not and so on. And then what you should do is the electrical inspection, testing the electric of the stripe light is intact or not. Of course, the best led flexible stripe light should have correct parameters. The general one uses FPC as the raw material, which can be bent and can move freely and stretch without breaking in three-dimensional space. This kind of stripe light is suitable for irregular places and cramped places as well as any combination of patterns in advertising decoration. The last process is packaging. LED stripe light is generally packaged with anti-static and moisture-proof bags. What I want to remind you is that you should pack it when there is any accessory in case that the light can not be normally used due to the lack of attachment.


Certainly, you have know the whole process of the manufacturing of LED stripe light. Therefore, this article will help you a lot if you want to find a LED stripe light wholesale.