Buying bookmarks for store the reading

I still remember how crazy I’m when I saw various bookmarks in my high school shopping store. Once I go the time, I would go to the China crafts suppliers and find out the bookmarks I loved and bought all of them. Now I still have various bookmarks in my collections.


What makes me crazy for the passion of bookmarks? I think there are some reasons. First of all, I’m a girl. You know, to some extent, I think that bookmarks belong to the girl things with its beautiful flowers in the two sides of the bookmarks. Okay, these wonderful, gorgeous little stuffs will make me craze as I will save money just in order to buy them. Meanwhile, I’m a person like reading. I have bought various books, fiction, and love story and so on in my free time. Under this situation, it is necessary to have bookmarks’ help to help me remember where I read last time. Of course, I also do some crazy things too; I will buy salable and personalized keychain and let them as bookmarks. At last, I found it was a wonderful experience. Life if brilliant and we should know how to make it colorful with our imagination. Do you know what kind of material can make up the bookmarks? You can use your imagination now. A leaf, a flower, a piece of paper or something else and all of them can be use as a special bookmark for us.


I want to tell you one more thing; I even used the customized commemorative coins in China for the material of bookmark. Do you like it? You can discuss with me if you love bookmarks too.