Take the Iphone to the specialists or to repair

After trying to fix the phone by myself, last gave up and concluded that taking the phone to the specialists for a repair would be the best option. because It will save you time and safer than fixing the phone by yourself. 
Now if you’ll ever consider having the screen on your phone replaced with a repair company, make sure that you choose a trustworthy one (ideally would be to go for something recommended by friends or at least check their reviews online). Also, it is preferable to choose someone who offers a warranty for their service.

At Springfield, at the moment we replace the screens on iPhone 5s lcd , iPhone 4 /4S , iPhone 3G /3GS and also for Samung Galaxy S4 , Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

At the end of the article, Becky Worley also mentions the risk of voiding your warranty with Apple whether you fix the phone by yourself or you take it to a specialist. But as the guys at Apple don’t really do repairs, if you want to save some money, you might as well consider one of the last two options. After all, your free warranty with Apple only lasts for 1 year and chances are that you won’t need them anymore. Plus, as I said before, there are many repair shops, including us – Springfield, which offer a 1 year warranty for the service provided.

The prices you’ll find in the article are expressed in dollars as they are the prices for US. I’ve tried to come with the prices for UK but for the correct prices to date, I’d suggest you’d check directly with the Apple Store UK.
Now, knowing the options, how would you choose to solve your phone? We, as the nation's most competitive Apple replacement parts providers and professional service companies, must be the best place for your future repair of mobile phones