SEO Tips After Panda and Penguin Algorithm Update

The penguin or Panda updates mean a lot to websites, especially to businesses that largely rely on internet. Every time the updates take place, websites wake up to the new realities-, which may even include penalties, recovery, etc. Google Panda algorithm is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google s top search results.


5 SEO Tips After Google Panda update in the action, This is my prediction by my regular manual research basis only.
  • Low quality content
  • Don’t Use Spam Contents
  • Remove all the copied contents from previous pages.
  • Use SEO Friendly Themes for your websites and make sure your site is mobile friendly.
  • Social Media Promotion “SMP” is one of the powerful tool to promote you website within seconds of time.
Below are some SEO tips that you need to follow to ensure your site isn’t affected by Google Panda or Google Penguin:
  • Avoid using hidden text or hidden links in your website.
  • Avoid creating multiple pages or sub-domains with duplicate content.
  • Always concentrates on relevant, informational and original content.
  • Do not stuff your website content with keywords.
  • Do not clutter your website with too many advertisements.
  • Check your website regularly for broken links and fix them immediately.


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