Wood Biomass Fired Boiler Parts Maintenance

After market survey informs us that currently around the market use more energy efficiency and environmental protection boiler to the most representative woood biomass furnace, biomass boiler burning biomass pellet energy, fuel supplier extensively, burning clean pollution-free, reliable high reward from the market, to alleviate increasingly severe happening of fog effect 38CDi Classic.

In the process of biomass boiler operation, as a way to extend the service life of the furnace, the requirement for boiler areas for restoration and preservation, Zheng Guo biomass boiler parts maintenance measures are given:

1, woood biomass furnace blower, draught fan, water pump, slag machine, grate indication and sign equipment shall be prior to the conditions, incorporate the lubricating oil, maintainer of transfer must check existing, voltage, heat and vibration of the apparatus.

2, the biomass boiler pressure gauge calibration once every six months, relief valve, thermometer calibration once a year, alarm along with other all measuring instruments shall be agreed within the metrology section examination and evaluation. Should be in-line, polish, regular maintenance, monthly maintenance, vulnerable and reliable guarantee its devices are not university and disappointment might not continue to use.

3, strengthen the biomass boiler equipment, valves and piping preservation, keep equipment piping insulation in good shape, color colour is accurate, the direction indication is clear, to do a superb occupation of wear-resistant anti-deterioration dust treatment and water-treatment equipment, check wear-resisting coating coating to ensure the intact.

4, woood boiler reliable accessories for at least one time per year inside the secondary preservation, ensure the gear in great running. Also needs to be ready intime for boiler ash removal, scale, improve the effect of heat transfer.

ZG woood firedboiler fixed the woood combustion and heat transfer in the process of creation and slagging problems, and a long-term and stable operation. Flue gas emissions meet the applicable national standard of environmental security, reduced ash carbon content, may know the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, welcome to decide on and buy.