Wood Biomass Fired Boiler Parts Maintenance

After market study shows us that currently about the market use more power conservation and environmental safety boiler for the most representative woood biomass boiler, biomass boiler burning biomass pellet fuel, fuel supply broadly, burning clean pollution-free, consistent high reward by the industry, to ease significantly serious sensation of fog effect manchester heating.

In the process of biomass boiler operation, so that you can prolong the support life of the furnace, the necessity for boiler components for restoration and maintenance, Zheng Guo biomass boiler parts maintenance measures receive:

1, woood biomass boiler blower, draught fan, water pump, slag machine, grate transmission and transmission equipment will be prior to the conditions, put the lubricating oil, maintainer of switch must examine recent, voltage, heat and vibration of the apparatus.

2, the biomass boiler pressure gauge calibration once every 6 months, relief device, thermometer calibration one per year, alarm as well as other all measuring devices shall be established in the metrology team evaluation and appraisal. Should be in line, scrub, regular maintenance, monthly maintenance, delicate and reliable guarantee its units are not institution and failure might not proceed to use.

3, reinforce the biomass boiler equipment, valves and piping preservation, keep equipment piping insulation in good shape, color coloring is right, the path indication is distinct, to accomplish a superb work of wear-resistant anti-rust dust removal and water-treatment equipment, check wear-resisting layer layer to ensure the intact.

4, woood boiler additional components for at least once per year inside the secondary preservation, guarantee the gear in great running. Must also prepare yourself in time for furnace ash removal, degree, enhance the impact of heat transfer.

ZG woood firedboiler resolved the woood combustion and heat exchange in the process of development and slagging problems, as well as a long-term and secure operation. Flue gas emissions meet the appropriate national standard of environmental security, reduced ash carbon material, can realize the complete usage of fly ash, welcome to decide on and purchase.