A View Of The Music and Dance Of Africans of South Africa

Developing Talking Musical Cultural/Historical Points And Shifting the Paradigm

African Polyrhythmic-Roots-Rocking-Rhythms:

Any culture does not allow for stagnation; each culture manages to learn from other cultures, but keep itself unique to itself. Many races or people throughout the world perform and manifest their culture whilst maintaining this uniqueness, that which one can can discern by interrogating certain aspects of those cultures, like in the case of this hub: music and dance.

I have been posting various types of music in their specific genres, and this means that different music is sung in different languages, since the music I post is from different countries, This means that whoever is listening might not understand the language, but the music is universal(that is, the rhythm, sound melodies and the playing of various instrument and different dances), and most them have different musical style, tones and accentuation as do their languages.. But what is important and common about these musical acts and sounds, is that they are being selected from an African centered perspective. Were people to find time and read-upon the origins and histories of these groups, one would be struck at the similarities of experiences experienced by these musicians, in their different countries throughout their different struggles. This is important to note, for this applies too the the music and dances of Africans in South Africa.

If one were to listen to Eldridge cleaver, his issued this aphorism in the same spirit of what I had just discussed above when he informs us that: