MP3 Tag Finder - How to Fix All of Your MP3 Tag Problems

TidySongs Review

Using an MP3 tag finder can be a mystifying experience. If you're not sure how to edit MP3 tags yourself, you're left to learn how to use one of these programs, and sometimes they can be more complicated than just editing MP3 tags! Software creators sometimes make the mistake of creating confusing software, but the software designers of a new program called TidySongs got every single feature right!

If you love to use iTunes or Windows Media Player to house and organize your music collection, you don't have a complete library without TidySongs to keep it clean and organized. You can think of TidySongs as the sophisticated cleaning lady that comes in every once in awhile to tidy up! She can fix all of the typos and misspellings in your library, do away with all of the duplicate files, fill in missing metadata, download new album artwork and more! With TidySongs, gaining back the efficiency of a tidy music collection is completely possible.

TidySongs works by scanning your entire music collection in minutes and automatically continue while you sleep or work! Being around the for the program to work is not necessary in the least because there is no necessary input from you whatsoever unless you configure the program to manually ask you whether or not to save changes made. That's right, if you're not too crazy about TidySongs potentially doing something you'd like it not to, you can assign the program to ask you about certain songs. You can even configure the scan to skip certain songs or playlists. This makes it easy to find the tags of songs that you'd like to fix, and not make any changes to songs you want to leave alone.

Face it; an MP3 tag finder is essential if you keep a music library at all, and TidySongs is the perfect one to have in your arsenal. You can enjoy the convenience of TidySongs staying in constant relations with its large, online database for constant connection to music information. The database is constantly updated as well which means it grows as your music library grows! Because of this, TidySongs beats the other MP3 tag finder competition by a long shot.

If you're serious about fixing all of your MP3 tag problems and you simply don't have the time or patience to deal with it yourself, consider looking into TidySongs to fix these problems for you. You definitely won't be sorry!

If your music collection is a mess and full of "Track 01" and "Unknown Artist" you can organize iTunes automatically in minutes!

Fix mislabeled music, download album art, delete iTunes duplicates, and complete missing ID3 tags with the best iTunes organizer on the market. Click the link above or copy and past this url in to your address bar for a full review of the program and its features, complete with a video tutorial on how to use the software.

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