Polyester fiber fabric varieties(2)

We have talked about two kinds of polyester fiber fabrics in last essay. Do you get some useful information from it? Today, we can stay with China fabric supplier and listen to the lesson once more which will enrich our knowledge to some extent. Let’s go it now!


Third, polyester linen fabric is one of the international apparel market popular clothing, the use of polyester or polyester / rayon yarn into a plain hard twist or ridges weave fabric, hemp fabric has a dry feel and look and feel. As thin linen Holyoke, not only the appearance of rough, dry feel and wear comfortable, cool, and therefore, it is suitable summer shirt, dress clothes production.

Fourth, polyester suede fabric coming from silk fabric manufacture is one of the new polyester fabrics, fine or superfine polyester fiber as raw material, through a special finishing polyester suede fabric formed of fine downy fabric on fabric, called imitation deer leather fabric, usually in a non-woven fabric, woven, knitted fabrics for the fabric. With a soft, fine hair fullness and flexible, feel rich, fast and durable style features. Common are advanced artificial deerskin, deerskin and artificial quality ordinary deerskin three. Suitable for female clothing, haute couture dress, jacket, suit jacket and so on.


We will know how to choose the fabric for use when we get the varieties of its kinds. You can say that you know how to select the product in silk scarf wholesale market for your friends.