Walking By Faith.


Walking By Faith.


By A. Abeku Haywood-Dadzie


Key Verse: The just shall live by faith ……. #Hebrew 10 verse 38


Walking in faith with God can be  likened to enrolling on a difficult program at school. What makes this program more difficult is that you have a unique textbook [bible], which covers from archeology to zoology, there are no course outlines and you cannot always  count on solutions to past questions.


There are no vacations and assignment can be given at any time of the day. The pass mark for this assignment is  100% obedience.You move as the spirit directs, and most of the directives you execute makes you look and sound absurd [Ask Noah].


Enrolling on this program  makes you very  vulnerable, because you have limited control on conditions surrounding you,learning to give thanks to God in all things. You are broken and moulded in such a way that your name becomes synonymous with faith [Ask Abraham].


At the end of the program you become perfect and wanting nothing, so you can stand and declare ‘all things work together for good.


No one can walk with God effectively on human intellect. Your walk with God must be based on faith; which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Faith however, does not make sense to the ordinary mind.Martin Luther is of the view that;to walk in faith, you must see the invisible, believe the incredible, receive and accept the impossible, do without the indispensable and bear the intolerable. Exactly what you need for the   program.


Do you want to walk with God effectively? Then welcome to the faith program and let your slogan be “Faith that has not been tested cannot be trusted.” (Roman 8v30-31; Romans 5v1; James 1v2-4).


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