They That Know Their God.


They That Know Their God.

By A.Abeku Haywood-Dadzie

Key Verse:  …………. but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits #Daniel 11verse 32

The energy crisis in my country [Ghana] has led to frequent power outages [dumsor].On nights when we do not have light, my family resorts to telling stories. One of such nights, I told a story about Naaman the leper [2kings5] and we had a wonderful time.

As we retired to bed, my son Dave popped up a question, “What is the name of the slave girl in the story?” I quickly replied that her name was not written in the bible. Then there was a follow up question from Juanita, my daughter, “How come Naaman kept listening to the advice of a slave girl when he was a captain of the Syria army?” We tried answering this till we all slept off. 

As I was driving to the office the next morning I started reflecting on my daughter’s question again.

The bible refers to her as a little maid, and a slave girl so insignificant that her name was not even captured, yet so confident in her God and as a result was able to make exploits and change the course of history. 

How many times have you kept quiet when you know God has directed you to speak? How many times have you doubted if it’s God’s voice you are hearing and have asked yourself “what if “?

Mercy on us!

What if that boy in the bible had not given the five loaves of bread and two fishes? [Mark 6v40].  What if Joshua and Caleb had behaved like the other ten spies? [Numbers 14v6] What if Noah had not built the ark? [Genesis 5v32] What if David had refused to fight Goliath? [1 Samuel 17] And what if Christ had refused to die for us?  

Sometimes we know the right thing to do, but the hard part is doing it, however when we completely trust God, we
always end up victorious.

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