Your Name Shall Be Called Israel.




Your Name Shall Be Called Israel.


By A. Abeku Haywood-Dadzie


Key verse. …“Your name won’t be Jacob anymore,” the man replied, “but Israel, because you exerted yourself against both God and men, and you’ve emerged victorious.”... #Genesis 32v28


Madonna Louise Ciccone once lamented!” How could I have been anything else but what I am, having been named Madonna. I would either have ended up a nun or this”. What is in a name?


Genesis 32v24-28 recounts a wrestling match between Jacob and a man. In the said account, Jacob prevailed against the man and demanded blessing from him, in response the man asked “What is your name? Jacob, he replied. Then the man then said, your name will no longer be Jacob. Your name will now be Israel ...”


The name Israel was affirmed again by God on Jacob in Genesis 35v9-10 “Your name is Jacob, but you will not be called Jacob any longer. Your new name will be Israel.” So God called him Israel.


In John 1v42 and Matthew 16v18, a similar event took place when Jesus rechristened Simon as Peter/Cephas (meaning the rock) because He desired to build his church on Peter.


Jacob himself changed the name of his son with Rachel from Benoni [Son of My Suffering] to Benjamin [son of my right hand] in Genesis 35v18


What is in a name and how does a name influence a person's character? It was never a coincidence that Nabal was a fool [1 Samuel 25v25], Jabez was sorrowful [1 chronicles 4v9], Lot lacks insight [Genesis 13v1-18] and after an encounter with Christ in Acts 13 Apostle Paul never used the name Saul again.


God carefully selected the name of His only begotten Son [Luke 1:31-32].What is your name child of God? In God’s databank, you are a; Prophet, Priest, Prince, Princess, King, Brother, and Friend Answer to the name God calls you


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