Example of Infineon Semiconductor Devices - FZ800R16KF4 IGBT Working Principle

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If you want your commercial, agriculture and construction vehicles or CAVs to reach their full potentials, power them up with Infineon’s FZ800R16KF4. One of the most updated IGBT transistor modules today, FZ800R16KF4, weighing only 2.20 lbs can produce power level of 800A or 1600V. With the way its constructed, Infineon guarantees it to be even more robust than other semiconductors.


The strong components of FZ800R16KF4 make it more than capable enough to handle the demands of CAVs. It has a special type of base plate plus a bond wire to withstand vibration loads and extreme temperature. Even at 150 oC, this IGBT transistor module will still be fully functional.


Aside from CAVs, railway tractions, wind turbines and motor drives can also be powered up with FZ800R16KF4.


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