Life Of A Farmer Made Easy By Country Wide Tractor Supplier

Agriculture has gone through a drastic change from the pre-historic days when man had used animals for tilling the land and getting water to the fields. Nowadays, modern machinery is used for farming and agriculture, though the changes have not reached all corners of the globe. There are still remote areas that have not seen any of the machines used in modern agriculture methods. These remote areas are slowly adopting these modern methods and machinery as they are thrown open to the influence of the present world of agriculture.


Modern farming equipment


Modern day agriculture and cultivation of crops cannot go on without tractors as the basic operation of tilling the land requires the use of this machinery. The utility of such machineries started humbly in small town of the country and has grown hugely to become the TRACTOR SUPPLIER inside the country and countries surrounding it. These machines are driven by 25 HP diesel engines and have rugged seating arrangements and Hood to protect the farmer from sun and rain. Diesel consumption is very low and attachments include ploughs, choppers and grinders, seeding mill, grinding mill, trailers and many other additional equipment.


Features of small farming machinery


The 16 HP WALKING TRACTOR was introduced to the cultivators of this country. It is the most convenient piece of equipment that a farmer can have. It is a mechanized plough which can help the farmer till the land by himself without having to depend on the strength of buffaloes and cows to pull the plough. It is much smaller in size compared to the tractors and can be used by one person. It even has a powerful light in front so that the farmer is able to plough his land even in the dark.


Advantages of small farming equipment


The equipment is ideal for high productivity at very low costs. It is suitable for farmers who own very small area of farmland. It needs very little maintenance and costs for maintaining this equipment is almost negligible. Many types of fittings are available with this piece of equipment. It has a plough which can produce double furrows. It can have water pumps, trailers, choppers and grinders for producing feed for animals attached to it. Iron wheels can be fitted to it when tilling the land in muddy conditions. You can use it to plough 2 to 4 acres in a day. The tractors are bigger machines that are used in bigger farms where the workload is much more than a small farm.


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