Like the phone, wish I headphones that would work

I received the phone two days after I ordered it, which was a happy surprise for me. It comes with (to be honest) a small cheap case that covers the the screen and attaches to the phone like the back. Headphones broke after two uses for who knows what. It's a bit of a struggle to get the back off. People can very obviously tell that this is not the S4, for the DOOGEE logo is blasted everywhere.
**It runs really well. Good processor, and the graphics are great. Everyone was fawning over my phone for it's size and vivid colors. Which was nice, but it's obvious it's a knock off.
***The headphones that came with them were really great, considering how they look, but they break easily. Also, I have tried two other kinds of headphones to replace them, and none of them have worked. I know the dimensions of the previous headphones were 110 and 3.5mm, hopefully I'll find some!
****I have a data plan, but sometimes the wifi drops anyway. I often also get a notification telling me the Sim card isn't picking up, but it goes away after a few seconds. If you add social media and apps and stuff, you WILL get like 400 notifications a day and it makes a sound.
*****The battery lasts about 20 hours on my regular usage. The backgrounds that come with it also have DOOGEE blasted everywhere.
*****Apps runs really well. Fast. Except if you have maybe five or four running at the same time, it stutters. This can be fixed by simply holding down the home button, and removing the apps you're not using.
****The screen is super receptive, which is nice. Texting is great. I use Google Voice sometimes, and it works great. Reception is great. Everything about this phone is amazing.
***Except the headphones, and the logo and brand name is laughable. But that's relatively small.

I can't find cases for this thing anywhere, and have relented and bought a S4 case. Hopefully all goes well, and if it does I'll let you know! I'm reluctant to buy a screen protector for S4, but I've seen one's specifically for this phone, so I might get those.
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Front camera is great with decent lighting. Back camera is the same. Good memory space. Good RAM too. Google Chrome runs super weird on here, but thats whatever. Sound is great, and loud, and clear! It charges really fast, and lasts all day. The screen (with no protector) is very resistant to scratches. It looks just like the S4, until you get close enough to realize it's not. It's a bit heavier than the S4, but not by much. The processor is a like a mili-centimeter-gram slower than the S4, but it's great anyway. Thicker too. Nice, big screen!

Like the phone, wish I headphones that would work. I'll update about the case thing and headphone endeavor.
BUY THIS PHONE, it's kind of great!