Is It Good OR Bad To View Dissertation Examples?

A number of students required to prepare a thesis or present a research report tend to find Dissertation Examples that can be useful for them in terms of organizing and structuring their thesis. I, personally, debate over the idea to follow the example thesis and following them. There is a high possibility that you end up matching with the examples and losing your individuality as a writer. Such dominant tasks as dissertation writing and reports preparation are highly influential when taken from other individuals’ point of view.


I rather prefer to go with your own style with guidelines from the advisor and through numerous resources available on internet. Examples and previous studies must be seen only to broaden your knowledge of the specific area. It is not the style and presentation that is evaluated in your thesis but the research content is what is the most valuable. Explore the best available research content for your area or topic as it is the backbone of your thesis.


After the research content, make an outline of the possible headings and sub-headings and try to structure your thesis. If you follow the Dissertation Examples or refer to previous methods of researches you will just trace someone else’s footmarks. There is nothing wrong if your structuring fifer from what you think is standard because of number of reports organized in the same way. What you need to focus on is the logical flow of data and that each heading makes sense making its way from one heading to another.