Advantages of using cloud based EHR software

Advantages of using cloud based EHR software

The Electronic Health Records Software is a strategy welcomed by the health care industry creating a new shift from a paper-filled world to an electronic, paperless one. The benefits of transforming their premises to the Electronic Health Records Software systems are many such as ease of practice, cost effective operations and security. The choice still remains if the provider would like to choose a cloud-based Electronic Health Records Software System or a client-server-based EHR software system.

What is a cloud-based Electronic Health Records Software System or EHR software?

The world cloud, cloud-based, cloud-computing etc. now seem to have become a part of everyday language. So what does this terminology mean? It all virtually means the same thing. It means that data is served on an off-site server which is not located within the premises. For the Electronic Health Records Software, the data populated through the systems, will be served elsewhere instead of the provider’s office, where it has been entered.

Difference between Cloud-based Electronic Health Records Systems and Client-Server-based EHR

EHR can be categorized into Cloud-based and client-server-based systems. The difference being, in a cloud-based Electronic Health Records Software System, the data is accessed through the internet connection, whereas in a client-server-based EHR software system, the data is stored in a data server located in-house. Besides the software, the hardware must also be purchased and installed. Cloud-based Electronic Health Records software is essentially web software with external file storage systems.

Advantages of using cloud-based Electronic Health Records Software or EHR software

         Cost efficient This is one of the primary advantages of the cloud-based EHR software. The implementation costs of the client-server-based software system are higher than that of the cloud-based software. The fees for installation of a client-server system can be enormous such as maintenance costs, licensing fees and other additional costs associated with it. But since a cloud-based system is a shared system, the monthly fee is small and is called the SaaS that is Software as a Service.

         Implementation A Cloud-based EHR runs on the web and can be accessed anywhere. The initial installation costs of a cloud-based EHR are minimum, not to forget the ease of installation and the limited time taken to install it.

         Collaboration Since all data is stored on the web, collaborating, accessing records and updating them at various levels and locations is much easier than a client-server technology. The cross-collaboration is done at a low cost in a cloud-based EHR.

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