Summer time lightning protection of steel structures LED display

The nation has fully entered the summer time, and summer time thunderstorms often to outdoor LED display (EN12966)hidden steel structure brings lightning, lightning protection measures this article to share a handful of with you.


(1) against direct lightning protection installed on the LED display (outdoor) support structure lightning rod, indoor LED display next to tall buildings or LED display, it is possible to not contemplate the installation of a lightning rod.


(2) for the steel counterattack, connect steel housing with LED show, do the same prospective and excellent grounding resistance normally requires less than 10 ohms, the resistance if under, it truly is to become done extra artificial grounding grid. SPD do properly grounded.

(highway signs)

(3) for the energy line induced lightning present, single-phase power line to set up or three-phase energy SPD. Link cross-sectional location of ??the phase line can not be much less than 10mm square, connect the ground wire cross-sectional region not less than 16mm square.


(4) for the signal line induced lightning present signal on the signal line to install lightning protection devices. Signal arrester according to the signal interface system could be, in the event the network cable to set up the network signal lightning protection devices, serial interface to set up lightning protection devices and other db9 interfaces.


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