One For The Book

One For The Book

One For The Book

Like Travel...  

Doors open to a realm so familiar and mysterious, that we find ourselves drawn.

Absorbed by time as our mind ticks away in wonder.

Slowly a language unfolds... pushing experience to touch all senses of possibilities...

But of the MIND

Here, rests that silent reality at play,

Where no malice may taint...  What IS

Some say the eyes say enough

That through them souls meet and all secrets are revealed

Who are these brave souls that  taste the true essence of life?

To taste that tinge of sweet and thus  be savored.... 

Bold to admit to a  moments reality and be kept silent....

Leaving it needless to be owned.

Is this a test of will?

Which strengthens to keep the better things left unspoken?

So that pure bliss finds no end.

As the mind, has none.