Distraction of the Day: New Browser Game Agar.io Will Eat Up Every one of Your Free Time

A very easy, yet addictive new game is overtaking the Internet.


Agar.io is a browser-based game in which you are a tiny blob trying to consume pellets and increase, while other players try to consume you.


You move a grid along with your Agar Game Hack mouse and have the option of splitting your character with spacebar or pressing “W” to “eject some mass.”



The goal would be to win points and become one massive blob that will consume everyone and everything around you, but the actual fun is based on the screennames.


You're able to call your blob anything you would like beforehand, and as you play you will encounter some pretty ridiculous names, memes and jokes.



In about 5 minutes, we were chased by “Kim Jong Un,” “Needle Dick” and “Mario” before being eaten.


Agar.io was produced by a 4chan user, and there's already a subreddit specialized in it where players are posting screenshots of their games.