A 13MP coming back and 5MP front aspect part aspect digicam with a quad-core processer and 1.5GB or RAM make this the best mobile phone

Yes, the screen is huge and the slightest bit cumbersome but when youre sitting around killing time on Netflix its worth it. Speaking of killing time, the Boomsound speakers on either end are awesome for listening to music. I find myself just turning Pandora on the phone, placingmeizu m1 it on the kitchen counter and doing the dishes. No need for a Bluetooth speaker now... If you like having a very nice phone with almost all the features of the actual flagship but dont mind a few cut corners to keep the price reasonable this phone is an exellent choice. A big beautiful screen, good sound for music and video, a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera with a quad-core processor and 1.5GB or RAM make this the perfect phone for someone not wanting to drop $500-$600 on a One or S5. Im in love.
HTC calls this phone a "flagship mid-level"www.oppomobilephone.comphone and I would have to agree. This thing is fast and butter smooth. I upgraded from the Galaxy S3 that I only had for 6 months or so because whenever there is a new HTC phone I have to try it. The build quality is second to none.