Explore The Dark World With A Night Vision Monocular


What comes to the mind immediately after hearing the words night vision is an action thriller movie with a spy hunting around in the dark wearing a pair of weird looking sci-phi goggles. You might have often wondered whether these pieces of equipment are for real; if they really work. Well, they do! There are technologies that can enable you to see or observe an object two hundred odd yards away clearly on a moonless and cloudy night. Pieces of night vision equipment are indeed used by the military or law enforcers. There are a lot other professional uses of night vision devices. And, if you are not acquainted with night vision devices, you might be thrilled to know that NVDs are available for the common public too.


Image enhancement process

There are two ways night vision works depending on the technology that drives it. One way is by image enhancement. In this process, the device receives a tiny amount of light along with the lower part of the infrared spectrum. These waves of light are not perceptible to the naked eye. The light rays are then amplified inside the device up to a point so that the image is clearly visible to the user. Such a device like a Night Vision Monocular is often fitted to guns and sniper rifles to locate and shoot targets in the dead of the night.


Use of thermal imaging

Another technology that is used for night vision is the thermal imaging process. Devices, working on this technology, capture the upper portion of the spectrum of infrared light waves. Waves from this portion of the spectrum are emitted in the form of heat by objects. Hotter objects, both animate and inanimate, emit more light than cooler ones. The user views and distinguishes objects in terms of the heat they emit even in complete darkness. Night vision devices of this type are widely used by wildlife observers, surveillance departments, etc. thermal imaging can also detect when a portion of the ground has been freshly dug or tampered with. What might not meet the naked eye can be spotted easily by this method.


You can have one too

If you are keen on buying Night Vision Binoculars or a monocular, they are available in the market. You can easily find night vision devices on the Internet. Before buying, do a good research on these devices. Look for equipment that gives a clear, distortion free image with light magnifying abilities of about twenty-thousand times. You might also opt for devices that have the facility to magnify the image three to four times.


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