Electronic Cigarettes Remain the Safest and Best option for Smokers

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist thought of a device several years ago capable of delivering nicotine along with other exciting flavors to the lungs of smokers without the presence of burning tobacco which happened to be the major cause of the fatalities witnessed by smokers. Tobacco cigarettes have been in existence for centuries now and have been causing untimely death to smokers through heart diseases, lungs cancer and a host of others but smokers are unable to quit smoking not because they don't like their lives but because they are already addicted to nicotine. Hon Lik came up with a device consisting of an atomizer, a cartridge and a battery. The atomizer has a heating element that heats up the contents of the cartridge vaporizing it in the process before it passes through a wick-like material to the mouth of the smoker. The cartridge is a replaceable container where the liquid nicotine mixture stays and the battery is the power source of the device. In recent models, a led is situated at the tip of the cigarette and glows when the cigarette is inhaled simulating lighted tobacco at the tip of conventional cigarettes. Today, there are varieties of designs and colors to choose from ranging from those that look exactly like conventional cigarettes to those that look like our everyday items like pen, USB sticks, cigars, pipes, etc.

Apart from the dangers tobacco cigarette smokers experience, they are unable to light one in an area where smoking is prohibited no matter how much hunger they have for nicotine but with e cigarettes that do not produce smokes, usage is possible no matter where smokers find themselves whether in a crowded area or a prohibited area. The only smoke that come from e cigarettes are those exhaled by the smoker and these are just odorless and harmless vapors so secondhand smokers have no reason to worry.

E cigarettes can be used as cessation products even though they weren't designed for that. Recent reports show that the device is currently overtaking the popular NRTs such as nicotine patches and gums. This is made possible by manufacturers producing e-cigarettes cartridges according to three main nicotine concentration which are the full strength, half and minimal.

In conclusion, the current trend developed by e cigarettes and the advantages that comes with them suggests that they will surely take over the world of cigarettes production in a few years to come.

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