Whenever a crook tries to rob a person, he first tries to convince him about how good he is, how his help is going to be of good to the victim.  I have been told how false I am many times that calculating would just be a waste of time to me and to all of you who are morally good. Due to the continued onslaught the recession impact of just over six years has on us, people struggle to staying true to their own identities. They lose them and are unable to give us a real reason of how that became. Me keep wondering how it would like if people can stop looking for falsehood in others and continue living their lives like they don't exist but since the word; is means to exist, I can't see that happening anytime soon or ever happening in this life on this world. We, that's you and I, can't walk the streets blindly as if others don't exist and let our minds destroyed by the daily untruths of things we hear and observe. Because if that would be the case, what would be a reason that we had come to this world? In my observance and analysis of people around me, I have found that all strove for one thing; the truth. And in their strife they were making one fatal mistake; judging without first applying their minds to that which they were suspecting. None of them got near the truth but, got themselves dunk in the misery of failure. A case in point are young men I always watch trying to convince a working man that working is a waste of time but, their very own lives are empty spaces full with self-doubts and since self-doubting is a thought, an idea, it's hard for them to pursue their dreams without looking up to employers for assistance. They're rolling down a hill to self-destruction but none of them seem to notice that. In fact, I overheared themm talking about thinking out of the box. The phrase itself is as old as Dinosaurs tracks on this earth and anthropologists would find their misdemeanor boring to listen to. As far as truth is concerned, they're historically and geographically off the mark. And we all know where they would most likely to end at right? In jail.