3 Killer Stomach Exercises For Women

These 3 stomach exercises for girls are the absolute key to earning flat and fit abdominal muscles. All of us dream of having that washboard stomach and how many of you girls out there want to appear super brilliant for the reason that bikini. Well these stomach exercises for women, have especially been made to assist you to work your core abdominal without stressing your bones or alternative surrounding muscles.

1. The Half Sit Up

Lie in the classic sit up position, flat on the floor together with your knees in the air. Put your hands behind your face. Now were planning to carry out a classic sit up but instead of coming all the way to your knees, just come up enough so you can really feel the stress in your tummy muscles. The key here, is to actually concentrate on that tight feeling you receive in your muscles as you come up. Repeat this motion in 2 sets, 10 crunches in each set.

2. The Board

The second stomach exercise for women is the classic board. This really is such a great exercise because it not only improves your belly muscles, it improves your stability and tones also. Tummy exercises for girls need to be less stress hefty compared to men's exercises because women normally do not want to appear "Butch", but instead toned.

Lie on your stomach and lift your weight onto your elbows. Your fists should lie underneath your shoulders and your elbows should be tucked in towards your body. Remain in that position, holding your weight on your elbows and you may begin to feel the work in your abs quickly. Hold the plank for 30 seconds each time, performing 3 sets. Increase the time quantity for which you hold the board position as your training stamina improves.

The wonder of these 3 stomach exercises for girls is that they'll all really be performed without equipment. So before you take a shower, or first thing in the morning you'll be able to perform these and look great over time.

3. Leg Lifts

Our final stomach exercise for women is the leg lift. hold you legs straight and lift them together only a foot in the air. Keep you ankles together as you do that. Repeat the action easily, lowering and lifting your legs together. Do this 10 times each set, and perform 3 sets.

I really hope these 3 stomach exercises for girls really do help you achieve that flat tummy. The real key to powerful exercise is "Do little, and do it regularly".