Healing the World with Sound

In the Secret Life of Plants, plants are hooked up to lie detector type machines, which show their response to threatening behavior. This indicates that they possess consciousness, an awareness of their wellbeing and surroundings. If this discovery is not delightful enough, new researchers have found that plants “sing.” The vibrations are too tiny of a volume for us to hear, but may account for why we subtly feel uplifted in a botanical garden or regain peace and stability while spending time in nature. Unconsciously these “plant songs” lull us into harmony and a sense of wellbeing.

Several people have hooked electrodes up to both leaves and roots of a plant and connected them to some type of musical instrument. Their other worldly, strange but beautiful sounds lure us into a harmony with then. A Mexican, named Aerial Guzik, hooked cacti to lutes, using their tiny these energetic impulses to create strangely beautiful music. Another experiment was done at Dananhur, with plants producing electronic music. You can listen to this concert at the You Tube video in the footnotes.

Ancient stories of Atlantis suggest that highly psychic people “tuned” into the vibrations of the plants, asking them what they needed for optimal growth. According to stories, this “inside information” improved their crop growth. A research project conducted in New Mexico compared plants listening to tones similar to the waves created by planets in their orbits (raised octaves into hearing range) and they reported these tiny sounds enabled greater plant growth and health.

Dan Carlson, of Sonic Bloom noticed that plants utilize more nutrients at dawn. So when we feed our plants at other times, they do not benefit greatly. He wondered how the plant knew when dawn was. He experimented with bird chirps (local to the natural habitat of the plant) and discovered that when he played local bird chirps at any time of the day, the plant acted as if it was dawn and utilized more nutrients. Now he sells plant food packaged with recording of bird chirps and boasts of 100 percent increase in plant growth.

Joel Sterheimer, a French physicist, calculated the vibrations of the amino acids in plants. After he calculated the tones of each, he them organized the amino acids in the order they were grouped to form the plant’s protein. When he played the “plant’s song” back to the plant, he found the plants growth nearly doubled with resistance to drought and disease.

We are rediscovering the ability of sound and music to enhance the health and well-being of plants. Yet, we stubbornly believe that we are not influenced by music and sounds in the same way. What makes us think that we are exempt? The impact of sound, which is often too low of a volume for us to hear or just out of our hearing range, has a slow but continuous affect; tiny waves within ourselves mingle and change form due to these outside influences. With patience and repeats of the same sounds we can observe Healing the World with Sound the physical impact of sound. This hallmark knowledge was prized by ancient priests and priests in the Egyptian Mysteries. This is the basis for Hermetic Magic. The observations of the influences of sounds, whether they be magic words or chants. We are rediscovering “secrets” of the past, and can use the energy of sound in music in targeted positive manners. The author has devoted her life to bringing forth this knowledge and using it in CDs.