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Valuable Investing Tools From The Legendary Peter Lynch

Not too long ago, I had shared how investors can scout for stable growth stocks that are selling for reasonable prices using a simple set of criteria that the legendary investor Peter Lynch had used.

Here are three of those categories:

1) Fast Growers

Companies that belong to this category are generally those that are capable of growing their earnings by 20% to 50% a year. The firms that belong should also be able to grow organically without the use of excessive debt.

2) Stalwarts

For this category, Lynch is looking for large corporations with moderate earnings growth of around 10% to 12% per year and which can provide investors with slow and steady returns over the long run.

3) Slow Growers

The Slow Growers, as their name suggests, are shares which would only be able to grow their earnings at low single-digit percentages.