The Parazapper

The ParaZapper


The ParaZapper exceeds all of Dr. Hulda Clark’s requirements and is one of the best and most tested parasite zappers. It is not only safe to use, but, it is also an effective instrument in destroying parasites that can cause diseases, infections or skin irritations. The ParaZapper, successfully destroyed microbes, in water, during one of the many tests done on it, while other zappers did not succeed.


When you buy a ParaZapper, you can rest assured that you are buying a parasite zapper (link to that is adequately equipped to deal with your parasite troubles. The ParaZapper comes handy with multiple frequencies, which are set at a safe level. The level of each frequency is accurate and as such, it is powerful enough to destroy parasites, but, safe enough for the user not to get hurt, while using the device.


While we find it important to equip our zappers with multiple frequencies, other manufacturers of similar devices will argue against it. We can defend our position on this, as backup frequencies will come in handy, in the event that the first one fails to completely destroy the parasite. Not only do they provide you with a range of frequencies to choose from in any one device, but, they also, offer you the comfort of having sequential frequency, at your disposal. Sequential frequency is the capability of the device to change the frequency at intervals, over time while insuring that each frequency is applied for sufficient time. In this way, you would not have to manually adjust the frequency of your ParaZapper.


They put a lot of dedication and research and testing into the production of the ParaZapper and it is for this reason that we can be assured that you will have a good experience, using it.