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Let your welding machine heighten its power supply! So, get your FZ1200R17KF4 at now.


FZ1200R17KF4 is the answer to welders who want to enhance the power of their welding machines. With the ability to produce 2400A or 1700V, FZ1200R17KF4 is a perfect IGBT transistor module which can boost the energy supply of different applications. With its high power switching ability, FZ1200R17KF4 is definitely the step for industrial welding to advance further.


FZ1200R17KF4 has unparalleled components to intensify the power of welding machines. It has its square RBSOA to ensure that energy supply does not deteriorate on higher voltage. Its heat sinking base plate results to a simplified construction system. Plus, FZ1200R17KF4 is equipped with high frequency operation and low saturation voltage.


Last but not least, FZ1200R17KF4 is RoHS compliant, assuring that it’s 100% safe to use!


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