Sportswear garment becomes the fashion in summer

With the coming of May Day, there is a consumption boom struck. Recently, the reporter visited Changchun department stores in major shopping malls, while collecting the Guilin Road and there are various sportswear garments coming from China jackets supplier in the market.


Products on the list: sports and leisure apparel category.

Reason: cost-effective, high efficiency.

Since April, the sports apparel merchandise on significant warming trend. "Spring is here of course to move up, although it is warm every day, but the night temperature difference is still getting bigger, wearing a sports jacket comfortable, warm, when you want to have unrestricted movement." Changchun people Chow told reporters. Sometimes the customers would buy fashionable and cheap windbreakers for the cold weather.

Reporters interviewed found that now, sportswear craze as many businesses gathered a lot of popularity, especially in spring and summer women business sales played a catalytic role. Because at a time when sales of spring climax stage, Nike, Adidas, Fila and other major sports brand is to seize the opportunity to launch movement sale activities, have played "a 10% discount, two 8-fold," "limited buy" and other tempting offers. Bargains in sportswear, many consumers buy discounted merchandise favorite; some people even buy a few pieces of disposable sweatshirt.


We cannot deny the favor for the coming summer. Meanwhile, we can go to the China softshell jackets wholesale online and find some wonderful jackets for the cold weather sometimes.