Top 5 Android apps for a smarter Smartphone

Google has offered many app which were confusing and unattractive in past. However, Google has changed the guidelines of designing and has now raised its many standards and has become a game changer in the production of simple and smart apps.


So we have combined five apps which look immense and also propose a simple   experience on your Latest Android Phones.
Sunrise Calendar

Generally Calendar applications seem unsavory when stacked with arrangements, commemorations, birthdays and different meetings. Sunrise Calendar, then again, has an astounding plan that looks excellent when loaded with all the information from Gmail, Facebook and private mails. The versatile application additionally accompanies a helpful gadget and web interface. 

Sunrise Calendar gets connected with Evernotes to make your remainders editable.

Users, who aren’t satisfied with the Gallery application on their Best Android Phone, can give a shot to this QuickPic app. If the photos are tagged by Time and Location then this application by itself sets the photos in groups. GIF pictures and videos can be played on this app. 

It is quite handy in making, renaming and managing the folders of different photos. This app can be linked with the Online Storage like Picasa, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive and more to keep a duplicate of your photographs.  


Hello SMS

Many messaging apps are available, but best is the Hello SMS. The Hello SMS offers different themes for their users. Aside from being quick for instant messages, it also tabs the interface of the user and every tab contains the picture of the person you are chatting with. 

Hello SMS looks simple and incredible and it is supposed to be the default SMS application of most of the people.
Yahoo News Digest

The Yahoo News Digest is a news application that essentially offers you a collection of news twice a day. All the stories are conveyed with a key point and a summary. The stories are divided into categories for making it more accessible for the users.

Expense Manager

This app helps in maintaining a clean sheet of all your incoming and outgoing of money. It helps us in saving a lot and keeping a check on our expenses with different colors for different categories. Because of this app one can also check out his/her weekly, monthly and yearly expenses.


With Android Mobile Price from the lowest to the highest the above applications you can get in all kind of Smartphone.