air cooled chiller is better than cooling pump for the engraver

S&A find that more and more people use air cooled chiller instead of cooling pump to cool engraving machine.
What is the difference between air cooled chiller and cooling pump? Follow me.
1.    Simple maintenance: We should pay attention to the water temperature change when using cooling pump, however, the air cooled chiller is of water flow and high temperature alarm function, so it is simple to maintain the machine.
2.    Cooling performance stability: S&A air cooled chiller has temperature control function, you can adjust the water temperature; the cooling pump has not above mentioned function.
3.    Long working life: The air cooled chiller is closed loop cooling system, but the cooling pump is not a closed loop chiller, the impurity falls into cooling water easily and lead to pump broken. 

air cooled chiller




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