particular advantages of milk fiber

In the previous article, China fiber supplier gives a clear definition about milk fiber, which helps the consumer to have a brief understanding about this material. And now, we will get to its particular advantages.


In terms of the properties of milk fiber, the first thing that appears in our mind is green, which means that there are no formaldehyde additives or raw materials, and the fiber formaldehyde content is zero. Some people even think that milk fiber can promote the metabolism of human cells and can keep the skin moisture content. If you want to buy functional fiber products in a large quantity, you can take milk fiber into consideration for its high quality and reasonable price. Moreover, this kind of fiber makes the skin soft and smooth with broad-spectrum antibacterial function. To some degree, the new material can play a well role in the textile industry for some rough materials can no longer meet the consumers need. The second advantage that we could think is for its softness, which has good mono-filament fineness with light weight and curl elasticity. Sometimes, clothes or other textile products made by various types of materials would be faded from the sun. But this kind of fiber has natural gloss like silk with elegant appearance.


In fact, to buy good fiber product like high quality cool jade fiber is a process of comparing, because there are many suppliers and distributors available on the market. But no matter which company you have chosen, the premise is the guarantee for basic function.