If a system operates Pixel Dungeon without issues, it is quick enough to my taste

Place the ear anywhere on the screen to hear it.

Programs run smoothly on the Phone. If a device runs Pixel Dungeon without hiccups, it is fast enough to my taste. (An "affordable" 7 inches Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will have a stroke trying to run Pixel Dungeon.) Battery life felt on-par with the Moto G, which is really good.Gapless music playback. Enough said.

Have played with the Sharp Aquos Crystal Phone for almost a week. I really like this phone, but, at least for me, BoostMobile tweaked it to a degree I can hardly tolerate. [October 12] And after another day missing some calls and texts because the speaker was muffled by my pocket, the Music Player not seeing the music in the MicroSD card, the wifi turning on by itself, and Boost Zone auto-updating itself without my permission, I finally have decided to return the Crystal Phone. But if you can overlook those troubles, this phone is worth every penny.

I like affordable phones because every mobile phone will kiss the floor sooner or later, and I prefer using a phone sock. My last phone was the original Moto G (first generation.)

WHAT I LIKE: The Aquos Crystal Phone's screen looks amazing. And its also very bright. Had no unwanted touches on the sides while holding the phone. The option to keep the screen on while the phone is held on the hand is a nice detail. Also the option to turn it off when placed on a table, unless you use the stopwatch a lot (like I do.)

During a call, the screen is locked to prevent unexpected interaction, but you can always slide-to-unlock, slide-to-end-call, or simply toggle off the behavior. The voice produced by the handset earpiece --the screen-- is really crystal clear.