6 Indian Low Carb Recipes You Should Not Miss!

6 Indian Low Carb Recipes You Should Not Miss!

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Following a low carb diet means that you should be very careful about the amount of carbs you are consuming. It can get pretty difficult to decide what to eat and what not to eat. Here is some help. Read on to discover some Indian low carb recipes.


1. High Protein Low Carb Quinoa Recipes-Cutlet & Pulao


Quinoa has become a much sought after ingredient for making healthy dishes. It is free of gluten and high in protein. It is a perfect superfood for the low carbers. Now how about making cutlets out of them? Seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? You can add veggies and make lovely cutlets.


Ever thought of replacing the rice in puloa with quinoa? It is definitely a great recipe for those who want to keep a check on their carb intake. Click on the above heading to get the complete recipe of quinoa cutlets and quinoa puloa.


2. Low Carb Cheese Crackers-30 Seconds Microwave Recipe


Low carbers can’t enjoy biscuits along with their evening tea! That is sad! However, they can enjoy yummy cheese crackers that are low in carbs and can be made in a jiffy! It just takes 30 secs to makes these low carb crackers in a microwave. Click on the heading to get the complete recipe! You just can’t resist it!


3. Low Carb Crispy Eggplant Fry Recipe


Eggplant or brinjal is a low carb veggie but it is not consumed with gusto. However, this crispy eggplant recipe will change the way you look at eggplants. You need an air-fryer to make this egg plant fry recipe. The crispy and yummy slices of eggplant will surely make your drool. Click on the recipe heading for the step by step method to make low carb crispy eggplant fry recipe.


4. Low Carb Oil Free Baked Capsicum With Cauliflower Recipe


You can enjoy this oil free and low carb recipe made out of cauliflower and capsicum. Every low carber’s favourite  ‘egg’ is present in this dish too! It is healthy, filling and oh so tasty! Click on the heading above for the complete recipe.


5. Low Carb Clear Chicken Soup with Mushrooms Recipe


How about some clear low carb soup! This soup has chicken and mushrooms in it. You will love it in this terrible heat. With a little spring onions and garlic this clear chicken-mushroom soup is a treat for the low carbers.


6. Low Carb High Fat Cheese Sauce Recipe


This low carb and high fat cheese sauce is a perfect accompaniment with paneer tikka, fisk tikka and chicken tikka. You can pour it over your salads too for the extra zing. It made out of cheese and full fat cream! Heavenly!! Click on the heading for the complete recipe.


Hope you will try these low carb recipes!