Laser Skin Resurfacing Recovery Time

This process is widely used to remove other signs of aging and stress lines. Attempt to include action as part of your day-to-day routine. It should be assembled between your doctor and you.

There are so many things that affect the skin. The face is particularly vulnerable because it is always exposed to the environment. All of these factors can age, darken, wrinkle and scar the face making it appear old and unhealthy.

Laser Skin Resurfacing is another method to remove your scars, and while it is still relatively new, it seems to be effective. A laser is used to carefully remove the scarred tissue from the face. Underneath this scarred tissue, you will find healthy skin. Generally, this method is being recommended as one of the best methods to use.

Photorejuvination is one popular treatment for acne. It uses a laser or intense pulse light to eliminate scars due to acne. This procedure is far different from chemical peeling, which makes it a big advantage because you do not need to wait long weeks for your skin to recover. One treatment can take up to 20 minutes. You need to undergo a series of 4-6 sessions. Photorejuvination effectively remove acne scars and makes your skin smooth and evenly toned.

Boxcar Scars - You will notice that these scars resemble the scars you get from chicken pox. These scars are usually angular in shape and are usually found on the cheeks or temple. They can be deep or close to the surface.

After the procedure the area will be covered with sterile gauze. Painkillers will be given which will reduce whatever pain there is. The area will be constantly covered with Vaseline or some similar gel or medicine. The patient will be asked to lie down comfortably with an extra pillow so that the swelling is at a minimum. She has to wash her face four or five times a day with mild vinegar or saline. She has to keep cold compresses to prevent swelling. She should not expose her face to the sun and take care to prevent any infection.

Another substance that works marvelously is olive oil. In addition to enhancing flavor in the food you eat, it also improves the condition of your skin by removing scars on the dermis layer. Similar results are obtained with cucumber oil.

After a few days this skin can be camouflaged by make up. The skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight after the treatment for a few days. Sunscreen lotions should be used to protect the skin. The patient feels as if she has a bad case of sunstroke on her face. This will slowly die down after a few days. This treatment is not suitable for stretch marks. Nor should it be done if the patient has active acne or if the color of the skin is very dark.

The laser power is subsequently reduced and used to heat the development of collagen fibers to stimulate. One thing you do not need to do is squeeze the zits out. Apply scar treatment creams directly on your scars.