where I do missions relief work in the winter months. Back to the drawing board

I've had the phone for a few days, and it is a powerhouse! One thing about pay as your go services. there are some areas of the country called 'contract areas'. these are places where pay as you go services use the local cell towers by contract from another carrier. In some cases the contract agreement indicates that no unlocked phone can be used with a local phone number in that area.
The workaround is to find an area close to you that will allow unlocked phones and use a zip code from that area. You won't be able to port your old phone number, but you will be able to activate the phone with a number from that area. You're phone will indicate that you're roaming, but with national call plans there are no incurred charges for roaming.

This won't affect many people, but for those who are affected, I hope this is of some help to you.

As for the phone, it's hard to believe it's an $89 phone. with the features it has, it's screaming fast processor, and solid feel, you'd swear you were holding a more expensive phone. online reviews of this phone can be seen on youtube. Just google Doogee DG 310 reviews.

UPDATE: after using the phone more extensively, I find that it has a couple quirks. After using the phone on a WiFi connection, it doesn't always connect to the mobile network when WiFi is out of range. Rebooting the phone once or twice usually fixes the problem. Also, using bluetooth while on a mobile network will sometimes disconnect the phone from the network. Again, rebooting seems to fix the problem . These are small annoyances, and I'm not sure if these issues are consistent to every phone. still a great value for the money. 


My first "Smart Phone" . It has worked flawlessly for 5 days but the screen seems to be separating in the lower right hand corner and next to the ear (listening) opening. Extremely disappointed! I read that Doogee used an LG screen and that was the tie breaker between this phone and other China phones. It had the lowest price for a 5 inch phone with 1 gig of ram. Now I know why! I will be sending it back and try a BLU. It's too bad. It had everything I needed,looked great and like it was of high quality, included 2 SIM slots so that I could use it in Central America where I do missions relief work in the winter months. Back to the drawing board.meizu mx4

Update: Upon further examination with a friend we discovered a second screen protector mounted to the actual screen! Apparently two screen protectors were installed before shipping? That being the case, I have decided to keep the phone and see how it goes. Like I said, I like the phone a lot for $90! For now I will keep the BLU on the back burner and see what happens with the Doogee 310. I will post any other phone events if and when they pop up.