Brady Quinn is the Best Boyfriend Ever, Tweets Alicia Sacramone


Denver Broncos' QB Kyle Orton imploded Sunday, and was replaced by Tim Tebow. It's a bit surprising Brady Quinn didn't get the call - at times, Quinn outplayed Tebow in the preseason - but at 1-4, it's all about trying to get fans into the stadium to watch a bad team, so Tebow makes sense. I wonder - if Brady Quinn had replaced Orton, would he still have hopped on the red eye to be by the side of Alicia Sacramone, his girlfriend, for her surgery in Charlotte?

Of course, it is entirely possible that Quinn had booked the ticket in advance - the Broncos do have a bye next week - because he hadn't anticipated Kyle Orton turning into the below-average QB he was in Chicago.

Or, Quinn's just a great guy who has his priorities in order. [H/T Ryan]

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